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Donating tickets.
Thank you for writing! I wasn't sure I was coming an then I spoke to a woman that said she could not attend and she donate her registration and ticket to me! I am so thrilled. I have made airline arrangements and am now waiting for a response on a room. Thank you so much for offering.  Doris said she would transfer her registration to me tomorrow, the last day, right? Feeling very grateful. 
Donating tickets.
How does one go about donating registration to another person?  One person has paid, but will not be able to attend and I will be able to attend.  Any procedures to follow? Thanks, Becky
Looking for Room Accomodations!
Hi Gracie,

I am waiting to hear back about another room, and so am looking in case that one or another post, does not come through.  

I arrive Thursday. A bed or half a bed would be great. 

Thank you,
Becky   tiloshuman@gmail.com   512-787-8390 CST
Hello Adam,

I am looking for a space to stay.   You may have called me, if Doris left my number. My phone is not taking messages right now, darn. Anyway, I am in Texas. I will try calling you and check messages here. Looking for a bed and a microwave oven.  [wink]  Becky aka Rebecca Jo Allen on FB  email: tiloshuman@gmail.com
Vegan Shirts and Ideas for leafletting
Thanks for the information! Looks like I get yo go. See you there!
Rebecca A.
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