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Looking for Room Accomodations!
Emily - If you still need lodging, we'll gladly share our room with you.
Julie - My offer stands in case you need a backup plan.  We currently have three in our room: me and two females.
I'll be on the go all day tomorrow, thus my responses may be delayed.  Best to reach me tonight, or tomorrow by phone call or text.
Philippe Kozub   pkozub@aol.com  301-659-1436
$20/night Floor Accomedation
Snowcat - You're welcome to stay Thursday night in our mostly female room.  I can sleep on the floor and females can share the beds.  I know you're looking for an all-female room, but you can stay with us if you need a back-up plan.
$30/Night Shared Bed Space for One at Courtyard Marriott
Co-ed room with two queen beds.  Two females confirmed for one bed.  One male confirmed for the other, with half bed available to share.  Same arrangement with former strangers in 2015 and 2016 - all went splendidly.  Asking $30 per person per night - "Pay what you can" requests will be considered.  Welcome to talk by phone to answer any questions.

Check in either Wed 8/2 or Thu 8/3 ... Check out Mon 8/7.

Philippe Kozub
Empty Bed for Early Arrivals - Night of Wed Aug 2nd
I have a room booked at Courtyard Marriott with two queen beds.  So far, only one female in the room, so the other queen bed is available at $50 for an individual or $60 couple.  Female preferred.

Starting Thursday, you can make other plans or stay in same room with three others (confirmed to date: 2 females in one bed, 1 male in other bed @ $30/person).

Philippe Kozub
ARNC 2015 & 2016
Room Reserved - Anyone still need a room to share?
Hey all. Thanks for all the responses so far. If you're interested, please email me at pkozub@aol.com or text 301-659-1436. (I'm not replying on this forum.) I've had several inquiries so far: Two women can share one queen bed and I'll be in the other with either another male or a female. I can only guarantee bed space for the first three people who commit. After that, floor space will be offered. Thanks for your interest.
Room Reserved - Anyone still need a room to share?
Excited for my third time at ARNC! I just reserved a double (2 queen beds) room at the Courtyard Marriott from Wed 8/2 checking out Mon morning 8/7. I'm looking for 3 ppl to share with me. $30 per person per night - Ideally, you're in for the whole conference, but not required. If more ppl are interested - up to 5, plus me - then I'll reduce the rate to $20 but not everyone will have a proper bed. May need to check for a rollaway bed or crash on the floor. Let me know if interested and please pass this along to anyone who still needs a room. Please email me at pkozub@aol.com or text 301-659-1436. Thanks.
Looking for Room Accomodations!
Hey all - if you're still looking, I booked the Courtyard Marriott from 8/2-8/7 (checkout in the morning). If any of you are interested, let me know ASAP. Thanks, Philippe
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