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Offering One $20.00 dlls room spaces.
Hi Emily,

Can you please write me to my personal email: animaleslibertarios@hotmail.com?
Offering One $20.00 dlls room spaces.
Hi there,

I have a room for 4 people but we are three ( two males one female). So if you are interested in this please hit me up at animaleslibertarios@hotmail.com

Travelling from Toronto
Hi Kate,

We are a group ( 3 ppl) of activist trying to get to NYC after the conference. We are willing to help with gas money and driving too. Do you have space for 3 pl in your car?

Ride from Jacksonville to DC
Hi Veganjoti,

My name is Gerardo Tristan and I will be presenting at AR2017. Like my friend(sunalexmoon)  in the previous message said, we are looking for a ride from Atlanta. Alex can help driving and we can help with gas money and sharing yummy vegan foods too [smile]  We want to know when are you leaving Jacksonville so we can calculate the time you will be passing Atlanta. We where thinking to live either late August 01 or any time on August 02.

You can also reach me by email at : animaleslibertarios@hotmail.com or here. 

Looking forard to hear from you!

Gerardo Tristan.
looking for a ride from TX to DC

We are a group of 3  Mexican animal rights activists looking for a ride from anywhere in TX to DC. We can help driving and with gas/toll expenses too. We can also share Mexican food and keep you entertained during the whole trip.

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