Anyone wearing their Vegan (message) shirts while travelling? 

Also, if you are in the airport or on the bus or walking/talking to someone - would you be willing to share these vegan books to help enable others to go vegan? 

Here are easy to remember links (easily accessible on a smart phone/any browser)  or J.MP/veganbooks  - the whole pdf collection of books from  - Compassionate Choices booklet - PCRM (Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine ) guide - It says guide to go Vegetarian - but it actually is a Vegan guide - Why Vegan booklet 

Here are quick video links - Erin Janus video on Dairy is Scary - note the case sensitive link 

Hope this helps and Please Please promote Veganism where ever you are Namaste
Thanks for the information! Looks like I get yo go. See you there!
Rebecca A.
Rebecca J. Allen