Anyone wearing their Vegan (message) shirts while travelling? 

Also, if you are in the airport or on the bus or walking/talking to someone - would you be willing to share these vegan books to help enable others to go vegan? 

Here are easy to remember links (easily accessible on a smart phone/any browser)  or J.MP/veganbooks  - the whole pdf collection of books from  - Compassionate Choices booklet - PCRM (Physician Committee for Responsible Medicine ) guide - It says guide to go Vegetarian - but it actually is a Vegan guide - Why Vegan booklet 

Here are quick video links - Erin Janus video on Dairy is Scary - note the case sensitive link 

Hope this helps and Please Please promote Veganism where ever you are Namaste
Please watch Earthlings, Cowspiracy, Forks over Knives, What the health and Go Vegan! Namaste
Thanks for the information! Looks like I get yo go. See you there!
Rebecca A.
Rebecca J. Allen